Working with your Leader Within

Remembering who you are and taking back control.

Here is everything you need to awaken your consciousness with quantum speed and unlock your full potential.


Start the most important project of your life.


Rule Your Own Life

A fundamentally different way to think about yourself, your life and your goals. Online masterclass or in-person group work.


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One-on-one soul exploration with Jan.

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The book

Do-it-yourSelf discovery of your way, your truth and your life. An account of twentyfive years of consciousness exploration. 


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Rule Your Own Life - the Course

Online or live in-person group work


There is the life you lead....
and there is the life you yearn for. 

The complete teachings from the book: Rule your own life, the seven laws of Self-determination which will transform your life and your view of yourself.

This course enlightens you to finding true happiness by doing what you came for and exchanging a pre-programmed and imposed life for a life of freedom from within.

From now on no more doubts. No worries, fears or blind spots, no more looking back with regret, no immature dying. But a life full of life, a life of growth and blossoming, a life as you were always meant to be. 

A journey straight to your life purpose.

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Discovering YOUR Leader Within, one-on-one with Jan


Reality is a mirror of your choices. Changing your choices will change your reality.  

We all have a Leader Within. However, over time life places obstacles on your path. You easily become separated from the path you would choose if you were fully aware. 

Together we will find and gently remove these obstacles, bring you back into oneness with your Inner Leader and open the door to the life you should be living. 

Playfully and step by step you learn to live your life with improved levels of awareness and self-determination. Once you know how to do this, you can apply it in any situation in your life. Success guaranteed if you learn to listen to yourself again.

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Rule Your Own Life - the Book 

A guide to the most important project of your life

Author of my first book.jpg

Transform your life with these universal principles of self-determination.

In this voyage of discovery I describe the universal principles that flawlessly lead you to your purpose and your awakening. Living them gives growth and prosperity, if you neglect them you'll be sorry. Opening your heart is where you enter the scene.

"For the first time in my life I no longer need my bookshelf with 150 books. This one book made everything clear."
Monique Stamsnijder, Psychodynamic Therapist

"What a jewel! After reading it for the first time I immediately ordered another five as gifts to my beloved friends!"
Clementine Brandes

"An exciting adventure to discover who you are, what you really want to do here and how life works."
Dr. Paul de Blot, Professor Business Spirituality.

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What customers say about Jan

 What clients say about Jan
Bob van Pareren Former CEO Medux and now member of the Senate / Upper House
Jan shows the naked truth and immediately goes to the heart of the matter: who am I, why am I here, how does it work here and what am I going to do with my answers. Just seeing myself clearly made such a huge difference in my approach to life and business. Meeting him is very compelling and inspiring!
 What clients say about Jan
Chris Beresford CEO Beresford&zovoort Advertising Agency
Jan is very soul-driven and at the same time he has both feet grounded on the floor. He inspired me to approach life and business in a completely different way from what we are taught and it works! I totally redesigned my outlook on life. I could never have done that on my own.


It. Is. Time.

It's time to live your own purpose instead of being blown about by the world and other people.

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We are all born as an original, but most of us die as a copy. Don't let that be you.

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