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Your Leader From Within is still in deep sleep

Wow! I take my hat off for being so open and honest with yourself. Here's the good news right away: the positive thing about your situation is that the majority of people belong to this category. So you are in good company. 

And there is more good news: you can still grow a lot in life. There may even be a life waiting for you that exceeds your wildest expectations! In your heart you hope so too, otherwise you would not have answered the questions.

But there is also less good news: you live in RESPONSE to events in your life that you seem to have little control over. You lead a life conditioned by your upbringing, society and culture. It often seems life plays with you and you are a victim. There is a good chance that you feel out of place, in your work for example. Or you often get stuck. Personal growth doesn't mean much to you, let alone realizing that your life is worth so much more than you've been taught to believe. Even though you may like to tell yourself or others that you are firmly in control of your life, the reality is different.

When you are in this phase of your human development, your own consciousness prevents you from seeing the possibilities life has to offer to you. The result: you may feel “something is not right” and you would like to change your life, but you just don't know how. 

The problem is you believe in the reasons why you can’t. Statements such as “that's just how life is” occur frequently in this category. Doubts, worries and fears are stronger than your will to bend your life to your will, so many opportunities pass you by. 

The goals you pursue in your life do not reflect what you want deep down, but stem from your upbringing and the social group to which you belong. What really matters in life and how life works is still shrouded in mystery. Of course this could not be different, because it is never taught to us by our parents or at school. But your lack of knowledge of the rules of the game of life breaks you up. Sooner of later you will regret that (or maybe you already have).

But don't worry: there is only one who can do something about it and that is you. Dare to change, even if you cannot yet see the new you and that new life yet. 

Fortunately, life always offers you a new chance. This is one of them. High time to start Leading your life From Within and to start discovering how it all works. I have walked the path before and I tell you: it's easier than you think. I challenge you to face your current situation and do something about it. Your entire journey starts with a decision. Feel free to make an appointment so that I can call you and we will discuss the options. Your new future is already waiting for you.

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